Update 2.

My housing situation is still mostly figured out. I just got to work my ass off to get enough on this pay check for bills and the higher rent. I’m not going to AI this year anymore so I can take care of things at home.

Now the fun story. What happened to the cats.

I was told when my mother first told me she was leaving that my aunt Brenda would be taking the cats. Either there was miscommunication between them or Brenda just never bothered to get them. Or some combination of both. So no one was watching the cats and they were stranded alone in that apartment for over a week. My mom has been charged with animal neglect. I in no way blame my mother for this. I mean..I do but..she’s going through some mental problems and hopefully this is a major wakeup call for her. I know where she is finally and she’s going to be getting help.

Now, back to the story. The cats were stranded alone. No one knew this until today. As soon as I found out I tried calling all the shelters in the area to see if anyone knew anything. No one did. But there’s a rescue in York, NE who was more than helpful. The woman in charge of cats gave me some great advice and told me to contact the sheriff. Sadly, Seward county has no animal control division so the cats would have been released on the street. I was desperate to find out where these cats were, I found it unlikely they’d still be in the apartment but it was a possibility. Thank God for Uni’s fiance Scott who was able to locate the landlord’s number where the rest of us couldn’t (we got close but couldn’t reach anyone). Scott talked to her, explained the situation and talked to the cops so we’d do everything legally. We drove in over 100 degree weather in a no air conditioning car an hour and a half one way to go get these cats. He took off early from work AND has a cat allergy. Scott is my God damn hero right now. So we get down there, talk to the police, the landlord lets us in, we track down the cats and give them more food and water and take them back here. Now I need to find homes for 1-2 of them so..that’s the next step.

I have more major updates. Long fucking story. Happy ending.

There’s a good chance my cats have been killed or are starving to death

I just..I can’t even right now. I didn’t htink it could get worse but it did. It just keeps getting worse.


I talked to the apartment and they WILL let me stay on another month but the rate jumps up $150 to $750 which I have to cover on my own. And all the utils I have to cover on my own. I don’t have enough right now to cover all that so I’m trying to pull money from anywhere I humanly can.

I cannot a accept emergency commissions because I’m already behind. Beanie commissions are all I could get away with and even that would be very limited. Celestia could also pre-sell but that’s a big stretch.

I am very reluctantly willing to accept donations. I’ve done it before and to call upon anyone again is hard and asking far too much in my mind but I am open to any financial help or suggestions anyone might have to cover the gap. Right now the gap is looking to be about $400. I have $500 in the bank if I don’t pay my student loans this month and hopefully the $100 I’ll get back from my Anime NebrasKon table if that processes right away. That only puts me at $600 and I have these other expenses to take care of:

$150 more on rent

$25 pet rent

$99.99 internet

$80 OPPD/power

$40 Gas

$20 Misc water/etc always put on the rent

All of that I have to come up with by August 5th in my bank account, not just in a paypal account so I’m looking more at 9 days to figure this out. If you can think of anything let me know.

thejudge sent: whoa dude, holy fuck.

I’ve been homeless (not just couch hopping but literally sleeping on a park bench with a towel and a can of corn I opened with a rock) twice in my life before and it’s probably the one trigger I genuinely have so having the potential of it happening again is just..hell. Luckily I have a possible couch to stay on for a little while so I’m not on the streets again but it’s still a horrifying thing to have happen again. I should know better than to trust my mother but I decided to give her a third chance and it came back to bite me hard.

Well. I just don’t even have words for this.

Someone out there doesn’t seem to like me, lol. Got some horrifying news today. As you guys that follow this journal may well know, I was moving at the end of the month to go stay with my mom temporarily to 1. help her out 2. wait for an opening at the complex I really wanted to be at.
Well I just got a message from my Grandfather because my mom has been so unreachable lately that apparently plans fell through. I don’t even know where my mother is right now but 1 week before I’m supposed to move out and I find out I have no where to go anymore. Yea. My ultimate fear of being homeless yet again is very close to a reality. I have a few hopes in mind though to help but I won’t know until tomorrow morning wasn’t possible.
Option A is that I talk to my apartment and ask if they’ll let me stay another month. If they do, it gives me another paycheck wiggle room to figure out what I’m going to do and find a different apartment.
Option B is that the apartment says no. If this happens chances are I can’t pull together enough for all the first month deposits in a new place (that I’d also have to find in less than a week).
Option C is that I get rid of 99.9% of everything I own and go live with my cousin and her fiance for a month to get my pay check and then figure out what to do.

What this means for commissions: Anyone that is on the current queue that is waiting will be getting their plush the first two weeks of August presumably. Well, at least it’ll be shipping then. This applies to the large double beanie/parasprite/cube order, Nikoli, and Impmon. Everyone on the new schedule that was going to be started after my move will be started immediately following those but may not be shipped right away, but as soon as they’re done will still see them posted in the gallery. The shipping on those will likely be in September now, but we’ll see if they can ship sooner.

If we have any MH collectors, PM me. If you pay for shipping, all my non-first release dolls are yours for free for doll mods, collecting, whatever. I just don’t want to throw them out but when I say I have to get rid of everything I own I literally mean EVERYTHING I own that isn’t my bed, plush fabric, my computer, sewing machine, and enough clothes to last two weeks. Everything else has to go because I can’t take it with me couch hopping.

I can only wish this were a joke. This is how my life tends to work all the time. You can plan for everything and still have nothing work out. I’d really like to catch a break one of these days. But I guess if I keep offending God that won’t happen. Sorry, trying to make myself smile is important right now. It’s all I have.

When Catty decides a blank cape just won’t cut it and last second decides she should applique this. I don’t want to applique this. I really don’t.

When Catty decides a blank cape just won’t cut it and last second decides she should applique this. I don’t want to applique this. I really don’t.


When someone unfollows me I take it very personally.



Twitter Campaign: These are only facts. 

Feel free to join in on this campaign to boycott the Exodus movie trailer. I’m so infuriated that it is 2014 and we are still portraying on the silver screen a falsehood of what the ancient Egyptians were! Use the hashtag #BoycottExodusMovie to join. This is honestly some fuck boy mentality honestly!

i will be boycotting this. I hope this takes off


Israel begins its ground invasion of the Gaza Strip