i love how people pretent to care for 15 seconds to send me an “i care” msg then diappear. thumbs up. I’m going to bed.

I may or may ot have image ivdence of what the fuck I’v been doing to myself tonight. it’s worse than usual but nothing damaging to my health. I’ll get there eventually.

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I kind of told my sixth grade teacher this in front of the class when she said “Ladies don’t do that.”

says the ewoman clearly wearing a pound of makeup. a+ lesson preaching.

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i am so getting fired.

Anonymous sent: You need help, babe.

Well no shit.

Anonymous sent: I'm not really good at talking to people and I don't know what I could do to help but I just wanted to say that I hope you'll be okay in the future and that you'll be safe. I know this isn't much but I at least wanted to send a good message.

If I don’t get fired tonight it’ll be a miracle. Regardless this is more than a majority of people are doing for me tonight. Actually only two of you actually seem to care and one is anonymous. But it doesn’t fualt on feaf years and I’m taking a ton of time try to not typo this so i Hope it’s coherent enough. Your words dont fall on deaf ears. I’m a fucked up mess and I know it, I’m not ven trying to deny that. I am openly a worthless sack of shit with no sense of self control burning throuhgh rent to buy booze.. I don’t how fucked up that is, believe me i don.

it’s one thing to just ignore my asking for help, it’s another thing to see it, then CONSCIOUSLY DELTE IT. thanks, assholes.

yea jus treblog m shit and delte my comments, pretend they don’t exist, thanks.

Mutilate body gain followers. Well isn’t that the message to send tonight. Seriously, I’ve somehow managed to get 5 of you in one night? WTF inspired that? Genuine curiosity here.

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