YES IT IS CONFIRMED! Uni agreed to do either a dynastystuck Kanaya or Eridan for my Feferi! So, that means the for sure scheduled costumes for next year are: The Condesce, God Tier Eridan, Meenah (fixing her), Derse Roxy (funds permitting), and Dynastystuck Feferi if all goes according to plan! Very glad about this. The Feferi will be the most costly project with two custom printed silk fabrics but it’ll be worth it. I’m so glad Uni agreed.

I don’t even know what my con schedule is like right not be The Condesce and GT Eridan will both be done for the Spring conventions and then I’ll be working on dynastystuck Feferi and possibly Derse Roxy (fixing her and finally wearing her) for the Winter! We just think these designs will look better in Winter than Spring. Very glad Uni opted to join me.